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Warriors, if you think that our life as Believers should be easy (a/k/a "a cake walk") with no problems because God's blessings and mercy keeps us from hardship, better get ahold of this Scripture! We are to ENDURE hardship, which means that we WILL encounter it. We are commanded to seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and ALL His righteousness, to draw near to Him, to cleanse our hearts, to resist the devil. God does not promise to do ANY of that. All of that is OURS to do . . . so we must get our FREE WILL in line with the Word of God. If we don't "feel like it," then we will choose DISOBEDIENCE. God will not make us obey His word. In this Scripture, he reminds us not to be "entangled" with the affairs of THIS LIFE so that we will PLEASE Christ! So line your will up Warriors, because we are assured of a "bumpy ride." But take heart! We are also assured, that if we OBEY all of our Captain's commands, we will receive ALL of His blessings. It is when we choose to disobey that WE mess it all up! How important is OBEDIENCE???

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