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This post is written with a HEAVY heart and I offer it as a “learning tool” not to air personal issues. Know this: THE ENEMY IS ALIVE AND WELL. You know how I always warn you about Full Moon time; reminding you that EVERY witch, warlock and Satanists of all kinds use that time to conduct rituals and incantations to HARM CHRISTIANS? Please, please, please be BRUTALLY ALERT during these times. It is during these times that the Enemy is focused to destroy your relationships and take anything away from you that he can. If you are not suited up in the full Armor of God, covered with the Blood of Jesus, and privy to the Enemy’s wiles you are at risk!


During Full Moon times, you will notice your closest brothers and sisters in the FAITH, do and say things they normally would not and are inexplicably sensitive to things that would not normally bother them (this includes friends, spouses, children, and family). This is the Enemy’s focus. He will not be able to do this IF WE ARE AWARE OF HIS WILES AND TACTICS.


Ephesians 6:11 “11 Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”


It’s during these Full Moon times that you should be ON HIGH ALERT and understand that your relationships will be in danger – yes even those with other Believers . . . ESPECIALLY with other Believers! Brothers and sisters, we should not be unaware of the Enemy’s devices. If we know and we are vigilant, it will be impossible for him to accomplish his will in our lives and in our relationships. We know the Enemy comes ONLY to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY. He wants to destroy our relationship with other Believers -- the POWER WE HAVE IN UNITY!


I had this very scenario with TWO of my closest and dearest friends in the faith in the past . . . all during Full Moon time. One has been a Believer for nearly 40 years and probably one of the most spiritual people I know. Our relationship survived by the grace of God!!! The other has only been part of God’s family for a couple of years and more susceptible to the Enemy. I am sick because at present (praying God will restore what Satan has destroyed), this relationship has been completely severed. Why? Because not asking questions or communication GAVE PLACE TO THE DEVIL SO THAT HIS LIES WOULD BE ACCEPTED AS TRUTH!!!! It would not have happened if communication had been kept open and questions asked.


PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR THE ENEMY TO ATTACK YOU AND YOUR CHRISTIAN FRIENDS, especially at Full Moon time . . . it could happen at any time really but especially during this time.


Time is running out and the devil knows it. I believe the Enemy is pulling out all stops in an effort to destroy the unity we have with each other. Even Christ sent out the disciples two-by-two. WE NEED EACH OTHER.




Take care of your relationships, whether it be close friends, your spouse, your children or your family. Cover each other in prayer. LISTEN TO EACH OTHER. God gave us TWO ears and ONE mouth. Listen twice as much as you speak. Don’t cut each other off (which is extremely difficult for me -- prayers welcome!). Follow God’s Word, where it tells us not to let the sun go down on our wrath . . . and how if a brother offends us we SHOULD GO TO THAT BROTHER TO WORK IT OUT! The Enemy wants nothing more but to destroy it ALL and leave you all alone and a sitting duck on the Battlefield!


Crying out in the wilderness,

Delann Conrad

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