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We are in a Spiritual Battle 24/7, and the Battle is REAL!!

This is basically a re-post of my profile "about" section. By the knowledge of the Holy Spirit, I am on the start to getting the TBIR (The Battle is REAL) Blog working!!!

A little about me. I see God's handiwork in preparing me for TBIR Facebook and this website for the past seven years. I opened the website on August 7, 2018, not having uploaded everything I intend, so there is much work to do. I affectionally refer to my followers/peeps are Warriors! So if I put the title of "Warrior" before your name consider it my way of "showing the love." :-)

Granted, I am not a website developer, but so far I have created everything as you see it. I only pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance for the things I know absolutely nothing about. Praise the Lord!

The Enemy runs rampant, not only in my life, but in the lives of EVERY Warrior! I find that those Warriors who live a "lukewarm," "wishy-washy," and non-committed walk with the Lord are those that the Enemy (Satan) doesn't bother much with. I want to encourage each of us to FIGHT the GOOD FIGHT of faith . . . to take hold of the calling to which we ALL HAVE BEEN CALLED . . . to teach the TRUTH of the consequences of living in willful, continual, un-reptentant sin, so as to render the Enemy powerless behind us through the TRUTH of God's Word.

Are you ready Warriors?!! It could be a bumpy ride, but through our Captain in Battle, Jesus, WE CAN LIVE VICTORIOUSLY EVERY DAY! AMEN!!

--End Transmission.

Following Our Captain in Battle,

Delann Conrad

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