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This goes for all of us. Whether we are commenting on a post or posting ourselves, ALWAYS include supporting scripture. Many of you would be surprised of how often people post "their feelings" or what they think they remember was a message from their pastor, etc. It's good to learn from our pastors and leaders, but make sure what they are teaching/preaching IS THE TRUTH. Scripture tells us that in the last days there will be MANY FALSE PROPHETS! These false prophets will also be in the Church.

It's really easy to leave your Bible at home at just look at the projector screen, but I encourage each and every Warrior, to either take your Bible with you and check it as you hear it, or else when you get home, check your pastor's sermon against the Word of God.

NOTHING matters except the Truth of God's Word. If you're commenting and you think what has been posted goes against what you believe

. . . make sure you look up supporting scripture and use it along with your words. OUR words don't mean beans people! God's Word endures FOREVER! Don't give the Enemy a foothold to use our words as a weapon against others' relationship with the Lord. Post ONLY the Word . . . get to KNOW the Word!

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