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Overcome Evil With Good

To those who deceived me

Thank you!

The betrayal, the disappointments, the lies and the countless times that my heart was shattered led me to a better path

I pray that you will never know the pain that you inflicted on me

You don’t even know

But you were part of the right direction that I chose

I had no one and not even a home to call home

No parents, no sisters or even a brother to stand by my side

It made me chase things of this world but I had the Almighty tugging at my heart

because he knew I needed true love and Jesus to show

The pain I injured was only my gain

Because I am told to love my enemies and do good to them that hate me

Bless them that curse me

And pray for them that despitefully use me

The emptiness made me to lean on the fullness of God

The resentment brought me to a dark hole where I needed to forgive so I can be forgiven and not in vain

Barb Beaulieu
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